New track for Formula One “European Grandprix” is on the border to Iran


bakuThe Formula One European Grand Prix has been a fixture for many years. Lately it was been in Valencia in Spain and at Nurburgring in Germany. The new track is in Baku, Azerbaijan next to Iran! It’s a very narrow street track with lots of turns. Further it will be the fatests with cars during 200 mph on a street track on the straights!

You may recall Baku from the 1999 James Bond movie “The World is not enough”. Baku has a lot of oil wealth. The current deal was signed during the boom times with $100 a barrel. With oil now at $40-50 will they schedule it next year or will they use the buyout clause. Baku has been rebranding themselves towards Europe for a few years. Eurovision, European Games, now Formula One so we may see it again next year.

Friday’s training saw some problems with the curbs which came lose and punctured the tyres of the cars. Redbull’s Daniel Ricciardo saw too much action when he hit the wall on the narrow turn. With no cranes in sight practise was suspended while his car was removed. Teething problems which were to be expected but so far everybody seems happy about the track.

Louis Hamilton was again fastest in the practise Friday and Saturday morning, for the race he is a clear favourite at 1.60 (3/5) odds with 888sport.



888sport Race offers: to win European Grand Prix

Driver Odds (Fractional/Decimal)
Louis Hamilton 3/5 / 1.60
Nico Rosberg 13/4 / 4.25
Sebastian Vettel 9/1 / 10
Valtteri Bottas 19/1 / 20
Daniel Ricciardo 25/1 / 26
Max Verstappen 25/1 / 26