Investing in Classic Cars – What’s Next?


SagaNorens1977The classic car market has in the past few years offered amazing returns. Cars that were trading very low are now fetching big money. I recall a time not long ago when the Porsche 356A Speedster was fetching £50,000, now this is £150,000 upwards. The Porsche 911 (1964-73) have increased a lot, even the unloved Porsche 912 is also fetching decent money now. The recession has offered rock-bottom rates of 0-1% interest on deposits which has led to many people investing in classic car market. This has pulled up the overall market.

Like with all investments, classic cars offers no guarantees of price increases. In 2007 the house prices could only go one way apparently – UP! Well, in some areas of London that actually happened, but worldwide this was not the case. Generally you should buy with your heart and not with your brain when it comes to classic cars. If the investment doesn’t pay off and even fall, you will always have something to enjoy.

With most cars now out of reach for many people what could be the next cars to appreciate?

800px-Porsche_911SC_1981_20070316 Porsche 911 SC (1978-83)
Porsche 911s has lately been on the up and the SC-model looks like the model that’s going to make a run for it. Saga Noren’s from The Bridge 1977 SC will for sure not put a damper on the price increases.
Porsche91132 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 (1984-89)
Similar story for the 3.2. They have been mass produced so may not go stellar. Air-cooled though so can only go in one direction. Yuppies mount up!
ferrari-testarossa-miami-vice-1986 Ferrari Testarossa 512TR
For many years the Testarossa was a has been. Pastel trousers may not yet be back in fashion however this car is. A few years ago the Miami Vice white Testarossa was for sale at a snip of USD 1.75 mill. Non movie cars can still be had for sensible money, but you need to rush as they are appreciating very fast at the moment.
Ferrari_550_Maranello Ferrari 550 Maranello (1996-2001)
All Ferrari 12-cylinder cars will be valuable one day. The 550 is still cheap for a great car.
magnum_308 Ferrari 308 (1975-1985)
It has taken a while for the 308 to increase. With the Dino’s stellar rise, the 308 looks like a good investment. Up to you though if you want to go all in with a Magnum P.I. moustache to suit ..
BMWE30M3 BMW E30 M3 (1986-92)
The power of the 80s. Hand built by the BMW motorsports department. The art is to find an original unmolested example.
vwgolfmk2gti VW Golf MK II GTI (1985-92)
With the flight of the MK I it will now be the time for the MK II.
AlfaRomeoMontreal Alfa Romeo Montreal (1970-77)
A beautiful Italian car. For many years it wasn’t really appreciated. Seems it is now being pulled up by the other exotic cars in the same category. Just imagine they had difficulty to shift this car originally.