Highlights from London Classic Car Show February 2017

ferrari 250 GTO

London Classic Car Show 2017 attracted over 37,000 enthusiasts to the show situated at the London Excel Centre. The star attraction was the Ferrari 250 GTO worth some £25 mill brought to the show by Joe Macari Performance Cars in Wandsworth.

The show had a large amount of classic Jaguar e-types and old Porsches but was mainly geared for the high end of the modern classics. Joe Macari had assembled a snap shot of the greatest Ferraris of all time. The stunning Ferrari 250 GTO, legends like Ferrari F40 and the F50, and of course the LaFerrari hypercar. The show featured 3 LaFerraris alone. For an exclusive car it must have been awkward with 3 of the 499 examples available at the show alone. The show had a co-located sister show called Historic Motorsport International with featured old race cars.

The show also had a “catwalk” where classics would parade down

The “catwalk” featured Aston Martins, Ferraris, a Volkswagen GTI Mk1, and Porsche 911 GT3 RS Cup car.



Aston Martin Owners Club had an Aston Martin Vulcan on display. The $2.3 million limited edition car will only be made in 24 examples and will have 800 BHP from its 7.0 liter engine.

Aston Martin had further brought a Aston Martin DBS barn find.

  Porsche 962 Group C Lemans
The show featured cars from Derek Bell and Jackie Icxk. This car is normally at the Porsche museum in Stuttgart and is a frequent visitor to Goodwood Festival of Speed where Derek has driven her up the hill.
Aston Martin DB5 Works
Aston Martin Works which is the restoration department of Aston Martin had brought a DB5 with them alongside other Aston Martin classics. Their range was not entirely entry level as
Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona (1970)
Got £670,000 spare for an investment you can enjoy as well. Joe Macari had a car for sale in the hallway. A rare Ferrari Daytona Coupe. These have soured to stratospheric values in recent years.
Bentley supercharged (1930s)
Pure classic car thoroughbred.
Porsche 959 Cabriolet
Coys had a 959 cabriolet up for auction. The super car from the 1980s was shown in the Historic Motorsport International section of the show.
Ferrari F40
The legend of them all. The car was made for Ferraris 40th anniversary. The F40 was the first road legal production car to break the 200 mph (320 km/h) barrier.
Aston Martin DB10 (James Bond movie car)
Corgi stand had brought the car from the latest James Bond movie “Spectre”. 1 of 10 cars produced. 8 cars were used for filming while 2 were show cars.
Jaguar XJR-9 Silk Cut
The 1988 Lemans-winning car no 2 was on display in the Historic Motorsport International section.