POWER is back! TVR has announced forthcoming production facility in South Wales


tvrTVR has announced a forthcoming production facility in South Wales. They will be investing over $30 Mill in the new production facility over 10 years and creating 150 new jobs. The news come of the back of a recent announcement by Aston Martin also to setup a new production facility in the area.

The chassis and body of the new car has been design by Gordon Murray, most known for designing McLaren Formula One cars and the McLaren F1 Road Car, and will be the first production car to be manufactured using their revolutionary iStream® assembly process. The power will be provided by a Cosworth tuned and enhanced Ford Coyote V8 engine originally being used by Ford themselves in the Ford Mustang GT and F-150 truck.

The new TVR project, which was announced in early 2015, has already secured in excess of 350 deposits according to TVR. The production launch is scheduled for 2017.

The car maker was founded 1947 by Trevor Wilkinson in Blackpool where it had it’s home until 2006 when it went into administration after a disastrous spell in the ownership of Nikolay Smolensky.

After a few false launches in 2007 and 2010 to restart TVR production may 2017 be the time we see this icon marque with the big engines and loud exhausts back?

Some of the TVR cars through the history:

TVR280i-350iConvertible TVRChimaera
TVR 280i/350i TVR Chimaera
tvr_tuscan TVR-Sagaris
TVR Tuscan TVR Sagaris

Source: tvr.co.uk, Wikipedia.